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I do volunteer work for veteran related organizations, creating and maintaining web sites, newsletters, etc.

I'm also into classic cars/muscle cars. I have a 1970 SS396 Chevelle (original owner) and three Cosworth Vegas. All projects waiting for me to get my workshop built.

Cosworth Vega: cosworth vega
Note: the above pamphlet features a 1975 Cosworth Vega, there are some differences between it and the 1976. I will get a 1976 brochure up as soon as possible.

The 1975 -76 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega was a formidable performance machine that could be considered a forerunner for today's wave of compact performance cars. This award winning and magazine featured 1976 Cosworth is one of 1,447 cars produced for the '76 model year,all of the rare and difficult to find Cosworth Vega parts right where the factory installed them.This is undoubtedly the finest 1976 Cosworth Vega in existence.

Finished in the Cosworth Vega's traditional black paint (Sitkens) and featuring traditional gold pinstripping and "Cosworth Twin Cam" lettering, Up front, the new, wider for 1976 grille is trimmed in stainless and hides original marker lights that look like they're straight out of the box. At either side of the grille, like-new round headlights are housed in flat black headlight buckets that are trimmed in chrome. Below the grille, an original free standing bumper is well integrated into the design of the car, shows a nice 70s era patina and wears protective black trim and bumper guards. Above the grille, a unique red blue and silver "Vega" header panel emblem appears to be original equipment and leads your eye to the cars bulged hood which features spear like gold pin stripping. Original factory tinted glass sits behind 1976 Cosworth exclusive black windshield wipers and is framed by a combination of excellent looking ridged stainless trim and chrome drip rails. At the sides of the car, the simplistic black 70s body is decorated with curved gold pin stripes around each of the wheel openings and straight gold pin stripes that run down the sides of the car and incorporate the words "Cosworth Twin Cam" on the front fenders. Louvers behind the rear windows and body colored sport mirrors add a sense of sportiness to the green house of the car, and square chrome handles with body matched inserts combine with clear square marker lights to add a little flash to the smooth profile. At the back of the car, a concave rear valence houses new for 1976 tri-color tail lights and features a gold pinstripe from top to bottom. On the left side of the tag bracket, "Cosworth Twin Cam" is displayed in gold, and on the right side of the tag bracket, a chrome "Vega by Chevrolet" emblem shines like new. Below the rear valence, another free standing chrome rear bumper displays matching 70s patina and is protected by black trim.

Flip up the hood and check out the limited production twin-cam engine with an aluminum block designed by Chevrolet and 16 valve aluminum cylinder heads developed by Cosworth Engineering of England. With 110 horsepower and a 7,000 RPM redline (unique to the Cosworth was the 8,000 RPM tach with the 7,000 redline), the Cosworth Vega was one of the hottest performing cars available in 1976 and featured a hand-built mill from GM's Tonawanda engine plant that was individually signed by its builder on a sticker that occupies the cam cover. Measuring 122 cubic inches, this DOHC inline-four features sturdy forged aluminum pistons, a heat-treated forged steel crankshaft and forged connecting rods that both reveal the engines' racing ancestry and assure high performance durability. To meet ever increasing US emissions standards, a custom designed stainless steel exhaust header and Bendix electronic fuel injection with pulse-time manifold injection, four injector valves, an electronic control unit (ECU), five independent sensors and two fuel pumps were installed. Thanks to this revolutionary engine, the Vega was the first Chevrolet car to feature electronic fuel injection which warranted an HEI distributor for increased spark and a heavy duty radiator for increased cooling.

Underneath the car, a Borg Warner T-50 5-speed overdrive transmission, which is exclusive to the '76 Cosworth Vega, sends power to an original 10 bolt rear axle with '76 Cosworth Vega exclusive 4.10 gears. Around that sports car drivetrain, a correct factory Cosworth Vega performance package includes a 'torque arm' rear suspension for optimum rear axle power control, provisions for the Vega's "fast Steer" option, Vega GT springs, Vega GT shocks and larger rear stabilizer bars. Exhaust is handled by a single pipe system that is exclusive to the '76 Cosworth Vega and snakes along the bottom of the car to exit past the rear axle. Finished in satin black with a small amount of weather beating undercoating, the bottom of the car is exceptionally clean

At each corner of the car, 13 inch British-made, gold-painted cast aluminum wheels carry Chevy center caps with black bowties and feature machined lips and chrome lug nuts. Mounted to those wheels are performance radials.

Like most Cosworth Vegas, this car has the all business and no compromises black vinyl interior. The bucket seats are restoration fresh and nicely match the warp free black dash. Inside the dash, a gold 'engine-turned' dash bezel houses a Cosworth exclusive 8,000 RPM tachometer, a 120 MPH speedometer, gauges for the engines vitals and a gold-plated dash plaque with the cars' build sequence number. Below those gauges, a factory Delco radio supplies the tunes, and in front of the dash, a steering wheel holds the Cosworth Vega steering wheel emblem. The booted shifter for the T-50 transmission springs up from the carpet and the headliner is tight and dark. The door panels are as good as new trimmed in attractive stainless and chrome handles for the doors and windows and as expected, the hatch is completely spotless with matching black carpet and black plastic side panels. This is a very rare piece of Chevrolet history.

This site is under construction. I hope to put some photos of my Cosworths and Chevelle here, along with some information about the little known Cosworth Vega.

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